mainada natural

artisan products


We value manual work. We carry out most of the manufacturing process: collect, transform, label, sell personally ... We make our products one by one, in a personalized way. We believe in what we do because we know what we offer: quality, dedication, love for a job well done and a lot of positive energy ...

organic products


Consuming organic products is to take a commitment to the conservation of the environment and the health of people. From Mainada Natural we make all the efforts to guarantee the maximum of quality, demanding the controls to the suppliers of raw material, giving priority to the native flowers and plants, to the traditional artisan production and to the direct contact with the final consumer.

products with love


We make oils and creams for the skin, for children and adults, manually, carefully and with the utmost respect for the environment and people. All done with a lot of love. Because love is the main ingredient of health and well-being.

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